WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | workout routine & vegetarian meals


thanks for watching! I have a ton of recipes on pinterest that I use!
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  1. Omg just started watching your videos but if anyone has watched raw alignment with alyse, you too look alike but you remind me of a southern brunette instead

  2. omg ive never thought of doing cheer routines for a workout but i totally wanna try now! looks so fun!

  3. Do you use milk for your latte? Do you use milk products and cheese? You've mentioned before that you sometimes eat cheese and cookies with milk in them, but that you are not really into it. I wonder what kind of milk you use for your latte.

  4. I cheered in high school and I honestly miss it so much, I've never thought to practice old dances as a workout but that is such a good idea! I understand why you said it feels silly and I'm sure I'd feel the same way to tell someone else that's what I do as a workout, but honestly it really is an awesome idea and a great way to keep up with something you love doing even if you don't do it "for real" anymore. (I couldn't think of a better way to word that haha) Also, I really love your videos. I used to make thrift hauls and such as well and I only made a few but I took them down recently and I kind of regret it. I'm wanting to get back into it and upping my quality of content (I'm super awkward on camera and haven't really looked into how to edit) so you're really inspiring me!

  5. Ginger beer and lime sounds so yummy. Trader Joe’s has this jalapeño lime juice that I bet would be amazing to add to it.

  6. Me and my girls love dance parties. It’s great exercise for this momma, all while helping my littles get there energy out and make some fun memories at the same time. The only rule is to dance like nobody’s looking!

  7. I was craving ginger beer the other day! My friend was like “so… a Moscow mule?” HAhah nope. Just ginger beer

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