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What I Eat in a Day | Cooking from Home
Usually i’m working from a desk, so today was a rare day for me to take off and film what I sometimes eat in a day. I am a pescetarian, so I usually have a protein shake as well after my workout! Sometimes I’ll have a snack after dinner (apples & peanut butter or a sneaky handful of chips) to keep me satiated.
Here is my usual breakdown of when I eat (and no i don’t count macros, sorrynotsorry)
9 AM: coffee or matcha latte
11 AM: first meal (usually eggs with veggies)
2 PM: second meal (todays was a smoothie bowl with protein & all da toppings)
3 PM: piece of fruit (peach)
5 PM: gym time!
7:30 PM: third meal (buddha bowl)
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  1. movie scene is set: youtuber vlogging in their apartment doing their thing. alarm goes off. "wth. Idk what that was. oh well.."

    chaos ensues on the first floor as the undead absolutely decimates everyone in the lobby, making their way up through the building

  2. We’re all here to learn something lol but if you only eat fish & dairy then you’re considered a pescatarian (I am one too) not a vegetarian

  3. We are kitchen twins – my groceries are identical to the shot for your buddha bowl ingredients, right down to the pink stamp on my eggs, brand of brussels sprouts and …my hemp hearts are in the same size of Bernadin-lidded jar. There's the same amount in it! Okay, I may not have the same syrup and tahini but I DO have those placemats.

  4. You should use baking sheet instead of aluminium foil as it may leech into your food

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  6. The recipes look good! But that's not a lot food especially for an active woman. Especially with the calorie deficit when you are exercising. When you are vegetarian, you actually need to eat more (bigger portions) to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and calories since it's mostly veggie based. You run the risk of becoming deficient in important minerals (especially with no carbs-whole grains) like iron.

  7. If it poops, it's not part of a vegetarian diet.

    Please don't spread that bad information that fish are vegetables. A lot of the confusion on what is "meat" or "flesh" is from the Catholic Church's exception for fish during days of abstinence (i.e. lent) where it is asked that those who follow Catholicism do not eat meat on certain days. This religious exception does not define dietary vegetarianism. This is like my friend that said they were vegetarian – that they strictly ate chicken. Had me like what?

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