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My husband and I recently decided to switch to a mainly pescatarian diet but as a result, have been eating a lot of easy vegetarian meals. This #lifesabeech family vlog shares exactly what I eat in a day… treats and all!
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Hello! I’m Shenae Grimes Beech, best known as Annie Wilson and Darcy Edwards from the television shows 90210 and Degrassi. Subscribe to my channel for insight into my life and my first-time mom experiences!
Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!
Shenae Grimes Beech
WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Easy Vegetarian Meals | #LifesABeech Family Vlog

Shenae Grimes Beech


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  1. I absolutely love your channel. Gorgeous family. Did you know you can also roast the chickpeas? They are amazing!!!

  2. shenae here’s a tip to stop your cutting board from sliding around!!! take some paper towel, wet it, and place it underneath your cutting board. this will stop the sliding!!!!!

  3. The title says Easy Vegetarian Meals, but you are having shrimp for lunch? Which is meat, not vegetarian.. No hate at all, but maybe switch the title to Pescatarian. Loved the video and your little family.

  4. I’m not trying to be judgy or disrespectful but your the mother. If you don’t want a picky eater then make her eat all sorts of vegetables. My parents made my siblings and I sit there and eat whatever they made they didn’t make me something else because I wouldn’t eat something. I either ate what they made or went hungry. My sister loved sweets but my mother made her eat whatever she had on her plate before eating a sweet. In my opinion you just can’t let your child get away with that or else you will definitely be having a picky eater. Again I am not trying to be judgy and rude. However I realize that it is hard with eating healthy all the time and putting food on the table for dinner. No one person is perfect about that and I think that that is okay. Everything is in moderation. I do see some in this video that you do try like making sure your daughter eats her eggs before the fruit. That’d a good thing.
    Just keep up with that good work so your daughter can grow up to be and a healthy happy life

  5. All looks so yummy! I season everything I make real heavily too, I love me some spices! Roasted veggies are the best, something magical happens when you roast veggies. I use the same bowl and spoon trick with my little guy while I'm cooking too. Also an italian girl (& jewish), I have many kitchen tools and frequently use my hands, and hardly ever measure anything. Dude, I feel ya, whenever I eat healthy during the day, I also feel an overwhelming need for something super sweet, lol!

  6. I cannot believe I hadn't yet thought of the idea to put my 16 month old daughter down with a bowl and a spoon and or whisk while I'm trying to do something in the kitchen. She always wants to be held BUT I think she would totally go for that. Thank you so much!

  7. Subscribed! You had me when you said sugary carby shit that’s not good for you so I just eat it

  8. Shenae Grimes i love vegetable food i keep myself healthy Good You're very Good at cooking You're talented and pretty i love you very much

  9. Pescatarian because cows, chickens and fish don't feel pain? When thrown into a blender alive or when there babies are taken away from them? If you care about the environment then go vegan. Teach your child the correct way that cruelty to animals is never ok.

  10. i know this doesn’t have to do with you eating but how long has bowie been walking???? this is the first video i’ve noticed it!!

  11. Oh girl. When my kids were your age i invested in an electric pepper grinder! Just one push of a button and perfect for one handed mamas.

  12. I love all of your videos! You seem so down to earth and You are such a good mommy! I was so happy you uploaded a new video today on my birthday lol! What a perfect ending to a great day!

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