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UPDATE: The gelatine in Frosted Wheats is in the frosting!
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  1. Oof people put gelatin in everything I started to eat cereal and then realized it had gelatin I mean come on. Cant you he nice to us vegetarians

  2. I recently find out that daim chocolate isn’t vegetarian, this honestly disgusted me because they don’t state that they aren’t!

  3. Scusa se ti scrivo in Italiano ma il mio inglese non è eccezionale. Volevo ringraziarti del video, comunque per quello che riguarda i formaggi e gli yogurt; volevo dirti che in commercio ne esistono di adatti a noi vegetariani.
    Per il formaggio, molti produttori utilizzano caglio vegetale mentre per quello che riguarda lo yogurt, molti usano l'amido di mais. Io ho la fortuna di avere vicino a casa mia, un caseificio che produce formaggi utilizzando esclusivamente caglio vegetale. Comunque, in commercio conosco alcuni tipi di formaggi che non hanno sicuramente caglio animale; ecco una breve lista: philadelphia, leerdammer, robiola osella, mozzarella vallelata (classica), babybel, nonno nanni (solo il fresco spalmabile), scamorza affumicata vallelata. Non conosco altri formaggi senza caglio animale a livello industriale; prova a cercare su internet e magari trovi qualche altra marca.

  4. A lot of Red velvet cupcakes/ cake/ cake mix isn’t vegetarian. It contains the red dye that is derived from insects. You can of course find the odd pre made red velvet cake that’s vegetarian (or even vegan) but most will say Not suitable for vegetarians on the back of the packet.

  5. 1. there are some fruit yoghurts which contain insect blood as food coloring.
    2. I've once eaten a whole pot of cream cheese, then checked the ingridientlist and there it was: gelatine! (not all cream cheeses have gelatine in it)
    3. I think that m&ms, some chocolatey sweets and some chocolate bars have something non-vegetarian on top to make it look more glossy

  6. I've read some vanila flavoring is made out of castor oil which these animals produce with glands sorrounding their butts, so that's nice gasps

  7. most cheeses made in the usa use microbial and vegetable enzymes. Kraft 100% graded parmesan cheese is actually vegetarian. It's mainly cheeses from Europe to look out for

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