GROCERY HAUL | Buying healthy + vegetarian food from Walmart! ✨


Hi, friends! 💕 I hope you enjoy this healthy grocery haul! We usually grocery shop at Walmart because I find it to be the cheapest place to get our organic produce and everything we need. Also, we always cook vegetarian meals at home. 😋
Let’s create something incredible!💡 Be truly glad…there is wonderful joy ahead. ♡ 1 Peter 1:6


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  1. lol i use to shop at walmart for groceries but i kept getting so much anxiety. maybe ill try the headphones thing because i cant with crowds and people running and bumping into me. idk where your walmart is but my walmart is the biggest tourist one in orlando. its rough.

  2. I’d love to see you try to go zero/low waste for a video! I find I usually have to choose between buying healthy or buying low waste (exception of produce)

  3. I’ve been vegetarian for years, and the base to my soups, is made with cream of celery! It tastes very similar to chicken, and makes everything savory and yummy. I mix about half a can with a good bit of water, to make the broth! Just keep some cans of it, in your pantry, and you’ll always have as a go to broth.

  4. Try walmart pick up! I very very very rarely actually walk into Walmart. With 3 kids, it saved my life! It's free, sometimes you can do same day pick up and it's super easy. I order my groceries from my bed!

  5. i LOVE allison and all of her videos!!! i grocery shop at walmart as well and wanna do some grocery haul videos in the future – shes a huge inspiration to me!

  6. Hey girl. Just want to tell you to be careful shopping by yourself and having your headphones in. Something could happen in the store and you not realize what’s going on because you can’t hear!

  7. If you are looking to cut even more costs, I would recommend buying the jars of vegetable paste or cubes to make veggie broth. It is less wasteful in terms of packaging, lasts so much longer/makes more in quantity and are wayyyyy cheaper than buying the boxes of broth.

  8. Hey, today its my birthday, im 15 and i would be so happy if you answer me❤
    Love u so much Allison!!❤

  9. Does your Walmart do the grocery drive up?? It seriously saved my life and totally made me not hate buying my groceries from there!

  10. You should try the 180 Snacks Skinny Rice Bars from TJ Maxx or homegoods! Super cheap and only 70 calories 🙂

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