Easy Vegetarian Meals – Nutty Lentil Rice


Cooking Easy Vegetarian Meals – Nutty Lentil Rice is one of the easiest vegan vegetarian meals with very easy vegetarian recipe. This easy vegetarian dish, high in protein and packed with other nutrients, is simple to follow vegetarian dinner recipes can be great as healthy vegetarian meal for everyone. Enjoy:


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  2. Are the lentils arlready boiled? I can't really hear you… :/ & did you used fresh green beans, do you think I could use frozen ones? Thanks.

  3. I am a new vegetarian & living on my own! I would love to see more recipes! This one looks amazing.

  4. the music that you chose not let us to hear what you exactly say on your video !! its sooo loud !!!

  5. Thank you, this looks delicious!
    One little thing, im having hard time hearing your voice, i would hope if you could lower the music volume next time.
    Keep it up.

  6. Greetings: this looks VERY good..but i need ASAP, for your to message me all the ingredients. the list at the beginning doesnt seem complete. it stops at 10…..i'm assuming you mean 10 garlic cloves???? as you can tell, i'm just learning this, but i'd love to bring this to a funeral gathering where quite a few vegetarians will be attending. Please send…also, the music is a bit much. thanks!

  7. I love love love this recipe!!!!!!!!! yes please post more… i subscribed so when you cook I'll cook also 🙂 Namaste, Liz

  8. Please repost without the music/ softer music — it's really difficult to hear the instruction. thx!

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