Delta Airlines' Vegetarian Food


Recently took a trip to France and Spain and on the flight I specifically request a OVO-Lacto Vegetarian meal….with mixed results.


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  1. I will be flying Delta in a few weeks and this is something that has been scaring me lmao. I don't eat meat and chicken since a few months but I still eat fish and dairy products. I'm worried about it cause usually they have a meat/chicken free pasta option so that won't be a problem but still I don't now if I should ask for a vegetarian meal… Any advices? It would be really helpful, thx for the video <3

  2. Delta meals are worst when it comes to vegetarian/vegan! I always pre-order a vegan meal because I don't eat meat and am deathly allergic to eggs. It's always foul! I cannot even explain how nasty they are! I try to remember to pack lots of snacks so I don't have to go 6+ with a banana and a dinner roll for my meal. I find it to be pretty consistent, it's pretty much always a tomato spinach something… like those are the only vegetarian/vegan foods. It's sad, because they could do much better.

  3. Now I’m for sure worried. I’ll take more snacks with me in case I’m served something horrible when I travel to Italy.

  4. Thank you for this! I'm flying ATL to Heathrow and then CDG back to the states this summer. I'm anxious about whether to request veg meals, your video had definitely helped 🙂

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