Healthy homemade whole wheat egg noodles (vegetarian option included) – easy quarantine recipes


These melt in mouth noodles are perfect to pair with vegetables/meat of your choice or to use in any recipe you like. On the plus side they are perfectly healthy and free from preservatives. They are fresh, quick to make and require only two ingredients.
200 gm whole wheat flour
2 Room temperature eggs + water (as needed, total liquid should weigh 120gm)
(for vegetarian option you can skip eggs and use equal quantity of warm water)
1/4th tsp salt
1. Mix the wet and dry ingredients together till well combined into a dough. This dough will be little on the drier side. Do not add more water at this point.
2. Rest the dough, leave it covered with a wet towel for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the dough will soften. Now knead the dough for 4-5 minutes till its more pliable.
3. Rest the dough again the same way for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes divide the dough and roll it into thin sheet.
4. Dust the dough well with flour to prevent sticking. Now fold the dough and start cutting into thin slices.
5. Dust with some more flour and separate the noodles.
6. To cook the noodles boil some water and add some salt to it. Now add the noodles in boiling water. They will be ready in 2 – 3 minutes as they are fresh.
You can dry them completely and store in the fridge in air tight container for upto one month and use as required.
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