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Tzu Chi Foundation donates N95 masks to countries in need.
A brave soul who sustained spinal cord injury brings color to her life.
1. 長沙援口罩
Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I’m Jenny Lee. Thank you for joining us. After months of fighting COVID-19, China’s conditions have improved. The country is now able to help with personal protective equipment. Tzu Chi Foundation entrusted volunteers in Changsha, Hunan to purchase N95 masks from government-specified mask manufacturer and donate them to countries in dire needs.
2. 馬製衣廠做口罩
Facing the shortage of medical masks, Tzu Chi volunteers opt to wear cloth masks. Malaysian Tzu Chi volunteer Lim Tiam Eng runs a garment factory. She asked her staff to make cloth masks to give to those at dialysis centers and local hospitals.
3. 印線上教學
Since the first COVID-19 case appeared in Indonesia, the outbreak has spread in Jakarta. The government has limited activities and promoted online learning. Starting from mid-March, Tzu Chi Elementary School has also started online classes. Here is the news.
4. 疫業冷暖(3)
With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, countries around the world have closed their borders and ushered in an era of lockdowns. Taiwan’s agricultural exports including flowers, fruits and tea have taken a strong hit since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most affected products are flowers such as Japanese eustoma and orchids which are mostly exported overseas.
Environment protection involves not only purifying the mountains, waters, and land, but also purifying our hearts.
5. 行動現場
In our next segment, we will meet a brave soul who has sustained spinal cord injury and risen above life’s challenges. Hong Xianrou became paralyzed from the waist down because of a checkup accident 30 years ago. She dedicates herself to drawing and has become an art teacher. As a Tzu Chi donating member, she also painted a portrait of Master Cheng Yen. Take a look.
6. 北更生人推素
To help former inmates return to the mainstream society, three Tzu Chi volunteers have established a halfway house in Sanchong. At their weekly gathering, Tzu Chi volunteers promote vegetarianism, hoping to inspire more people’s kind thoughts.
7. 閩企業推素
In Xiamen, Fujian, an entrepreneur Huang Aimei has taken actions to promote vegetarianism. Since last August, she began providing vegetarian meals at the company. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, she is inviting her friends to go meatless as well.
8. 淡水供餐推素
In the midst of the pandemic, Tzu Chi volunteers promote vegetarianism, hoping more people can enjoy the wholesome taste of vegetarian food. Volunteers in Tamsui, New Taipei City, are promoting vegetarian boxed meals for 30 NTD or approximately one U.S. dollar.
9. 慢性病勿停藥
For many people with chronic illnesses, going to the hospital is now a decision that requires much consideration. Many are afraid of the virus infection but the delays in medical treatment can complicate health problems. People who cut off or cut back on medication would pose serious risks on their health and such action should be avoided at all costs.
END: 高實業植樹
In Kaosiung, businesses and local volunteers planted trees hoping to raise awareness for environment protection. Here is the footage. Thank you for watching. See you next time.


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