Vegetarian, Raw Food & Eating Murdered flesh (rotting corpse)…


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  1. Synchronicity is something else. I have struggled with eating meat all my life. One night some time back a clip like this I listened too gave me the good chills. Santos told this story about me and eating a hot dog at Eumundi market in the Gold Coast, I was there on vacation from NZ. I clearly remember being anxious about getting my 2 sons fed so my wife could eat too and avoid a melt down on many fronts. I coerced my elder son into a German hot dog which he agreed only if I joined him. We purchased and I stood there eating the thing knowing fully the lazy hypocritical arse I really am. Looking across the court yard I connect eyes with a man scolding me with a look. It was a unforgettable moment. I listened to Santos tell the exact story that night. He had my lazy self sewn up. But today I’m still no better, but endless study has me on a ground we all may stand on.

  2. This guys teaching is all bullshit. Trying to manipulate words to favor his teachings. He is a wolf in a sheep

    's clothing! E.g. while he says anima means a dead soul its a lie you can google it and see it for yourself . I don't get it, he now compares our consciousness with the unconsciousness of animals and now starts to abuse them. You need to ask yourself, if animals are dead souls eg cattle, then why did God accept them to be offered as sacrifice in the old times by our ancestors so that there sins could be forgiven ? And the people of God after offering a sacrifice to Him would later go ahead and feast on all kind of meat that was acceptable before the eyes of God ? Its because they are holy. If not, then God would have poured his judgement upon His people already because they cant talk or that they are feeling pain by them eating dead souls as this wolf calls them. They don't sin against God or wrong people and calling them dead souls is not right before God that's why am not buying his point of view its so deceiving. Clearly you can see how cunning he is because he uses people like Plato and all those philosophers to justify his statements why not justify with the word of Our Creator ? Also heaven and hell is real and its clearly stated in the Bible and its a promise from Our Father in heaven, who never breaks His promises that His Kingdom will come here on earth and the Righteous are the one who will inherit it and the wicked will be condemned. If heaven is already here how comes we still die ? How comes right now we are not living eternally as we were promised by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that in heaven there will be no death ?

  3. 1 JOHN 4 : 1 – 6 False doctrine. You are just taking advantage of the vulnerable and leading the blind deep into darkness.ACTS 20 : 28 – 30 ; 2 TIMOTHY 4 : 3 – 4 ; TAKE HEED THAT YOU MAY NOT BE DECEIVED . Correct and sound doctrine is crucial to salvation and growth in spiritual maturity. Don't let anyone gamble with your salvation 2 PETER 3 : 24 – 18 !! MATTHEW 24 : 4 – 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. About food… Mark 7:1 – 19

  4. Whats your opinion on eggs? Is it allowed since they all aren't fertilized for creating life?

  5. "This document provides information on various diseases that can be passed from swine to humans. Often these diseases do not make the animal appear sick but can cause serious illness in humans.

    The diseases associated with swine include ringworm, erysipelas, leptospirosis, streptococcosis, campylobacterosis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis, balantidiasis, influenza and infection with pathogenic E. coli.

    Erysipelas, leptospirosis and streptococcosis are bacterial infections that occasionally infect pigs. Swine influenza is caused by influenza viral strains which primarily infect swine but can be transmitted to people in close contact with infected pigs. People can be infected with these diseases through contact with infected body fluids and tissues, oral ingestion and inhalation of respiratory secretions, contaminated water or materials and tick bites.

    Salmonellosis, campylobacterosis, cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis, balantidiasis and infections with pathogenic E. coli are acquired by contact and oral ingestion of fecal material from infected animals."

  6. Very intresting I was eating a piece of steak a couple of months ago and as I was chewing the meat I felt like the animal came alive in my mouth. It was a very weird experience while I have been eating meat my entire life and I'm addicted to meat and nicotine…anyway that rage…your talking about seems right cause I do feel very animalistic when I'm eating meat. So this subject is says so much I am getting older and more conscious. Maybe that why I experienced it. I will try to cut down my meat eating as much as possible although I'm not sure if I am able to stop entirely

  7. Anyone that comments saying Santos doesn't look healthy looks have nothing to do with that otherwise you would also be judging the 4 year olds at Walmart that are morbidly obese the 30 year olds that can't walk and have to use the scooters have you been to in-and-out Burger? Have you seen 8 year olds that are diabetic and asthmatic, adicted to junk food? Santos speaks multiple languages gives 3 hour talks on syncretism his knowledge is so vast most people can't understand him.

  8. "You are what you eat" is truth, where do you think your body got it's building blocks? If you eat sad, scared animals you're gonna feel like a sad, scared animal.

  9. Humans who have Love in their heart's but murder in their Die-iT? Cognitive dissonance…

  10. You look like a weak and pathetic little man. Keep attacking meat eaters. Dont swallow because your eating billions of little animals called bacteria

  11. What about those of us who have tried and got sick and very unhealthy due to the vegan diet and physically cant do it? Should we just accept that we are doomed?

  12. Every spiritual religion forbid meat eating and animal abuse !!!…In the Biblie there is clearly written what humans should eat and how they should care about their animal /little brothers ..But nowadays churches and religions are Evil worshippers..that's why priests are the first to advocate eating meat….Fact that current SARS- COVID virus targets mainly Rome and Vatican says a lot about Gods justice and penalty for the wrong doing !! Hopefully they all will be gone and soon !!…It is a great time for a positive change in this world !!

  13. I went plant based 3 years ago. trades man I now can outlast everyone, smell better, feel younger and need half the sleep I did':]

  14. Becareful with any foods
    Heav en means to throw up to heav en to eat and heav en from body eating explosives

  15. Acts 27:34 Wherefore I pray you to take some meat; for this is for your health; for there is not any hair fall from the head of any of you

  16. What if plants are actually farming us, giving us oxygen until we eventually decompose and they can consume us?

  17. U trigger very bad memories, my mother died of starvation a fate probably mine as well, please be healthier, protect your amazing mind and the 144 thousand who follow you.

  18. plants scream we just don't hear them. a hungry lion is not gonna let u walk by cause ur vegan. everything gets checked here by something. those same people ur talking about eat humans 2. i do a body cleanse once a month. i won't buy anymore meat cause im definitely going vegan but i cant c throwing out 2000. dollars worth of meat. thats also why i don't do religion cause when i thought about the communion ritual at church where u pretend to eat the flesh and drink the blood of a man, that's got to b some kind of practicing cannibalism. thanks 4 ur thoughts on the subject as always.

  19. I agree with you santos, but will you consider adding some RAW grass fed Dairy products? It'll give you the RAW fat and RAW Cholesterol you need to get some weight.

  20. The thing that made me an vegeterian 100 % was a thought about animalbabies . That they plays , jumps and fights with one another just as human children. Even when they are captured in boxes they try to play . THAT picture in my mind was the thing who made me 100% vegetarian. The absolute sadest thing is that my children refuses to stop eating meat. It doesent help when i try yo convince them . Ofcause i dont give them meat at home anymore but they are angry at me for it. It is very hard . Anyone who have any advice ? How does you do at home when youre children is demanding meat? My boys are 15 and 17 years old by the way. If they were smaller it wouldnt be a problem . Thankfull for some advice . / Sabina

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