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  1. Actually I am cooking this at th moment, and while waiting for my tomatoes to roast I stumbled upon this video
    Only differenc is I am roasting the tomatoes and using soy cream.
    Cool coincidence :-))

  2. I gave this a try last night. The only things I had to do different was I used chicken stock and I had to use a blender. It really came out nice. Thanks for the recipes!

  3. ahahaha indeed one would 😉
    Sometimes the line between being tasteful and vulgar can be thin, and I'm sorry but in that case, the cook went to far in his enjoyment of this soup!

  4. First : learn to read, I'm kaRma not kama sutra.
    Second : I dont see how sex and food are to be opposed. Life is short, try to enjoy it, you'll see it can be great.

  5. And just like that, with your disguting swallowing sound effect you just lost a suscriber. I'm sorry I dont want to be rude but that was really painfull.

  6. Another great job, NakedChef!
    Thank you . . . looks very tasty and delicious!
    All best, Jersey Joe 🙂

  7. Aww man when u dipped the bread and tasted it i was like gimme!..i've never tasted tomato soup before but i'm definitely gonna try this.

  8. Another thing you could do is slow roast the tomatoes in the oven first too give it a slight different flavour. Looks really good!

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