Vegetarian Meals' at Govinda's Hari Krishna Restaurant, Soho Square, London – 17/09/12 & 23/10/12



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  1. I have eaten Indian veg. Meal in London in Q( Kew) Q Garden Restaurant before a month that was very tasted and near Oxford Restaurant also where there were no differences between London & Indian Restaurant, as I feel with my London's family-

  2. Being Vegetarian is best….. Krishna said -we humans are not graveyards to through dead bodies of animals, so don't eat non veg…. Hare krishna

  3. Can you please make a new video for this place … we can see if there are any changes … thank you for your great videos

  4. it is important to eat krishna prasadam it is only way to liberated from this material world and go back to godhead

  5. Temple food is unique in taste. You must know that temple food is never sold. That's why it's available at temples.

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