Mixed Vegetable , Healthy Vegetarian Homemade Soup ideal to have for Lunch, dinner as well as snack. This vegan mix veg soup is so simple to make using available ingredients at home to make a power packed healthy and immunity building foods. Making soups at home is much easier than you think and literally any vegetable will make you a healthy and tasty cup of hot piping wholesome soup at home.
In this mixed vegetable soup i have used a variety of vegetables and other ingredients that are known to boost the immunity levels and hence can be included as part of protective measures in this difficult time when everyone is at home under lockdown and worried as to which foods will increase our immunity at the same time keeping in mind economical factors.
This healthy vegetarian soup recipe includes ginger and garlic which have potent medicinal values and help in combating sicknesses including common cold and cough. Ginger reduces inflammation hence good for the symptoms of sore throat cold and flu.Basically the symptoms of covid 19 or the dreaded corona virus .
Turmeric another ingredient used in this homemade vegetable soup which has loads of health benefits. Turmeric is an excellent anti inflammatory and antioxidant too. thus another protective food to help us to fight the coronavirus and other infections too.
Peppercorns are anti inflammatory and high in antioxidants too again enhancing the immune system.
Bayleaf redudes inflammation and alleviates respiratory issues .
Kalonji also known as nigella seeds or black seeds have been mentioned by the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him as having cure for every disease except death.
A variety of mixed vegetables add variety and flavour to this healthy mixed vegetable soup.
Vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins , minerals, antioxidants and have a variety pf health benefits that will add to our well being, energy, growth , development and a help in building a strong immune system.
Do try this healthy vegetable soup and stay home , stay safe and stay healthy . Wishing you good health. Take care and be safe.
vegetable soup is ideal for babies too it’s a healthy and nutritious mix veggie soup for babies and toddlers .
Ingredients :
1. Butter 2 tbsp or less
2. Mixed Vegetables and Greens – 1 each or half according to size.
3. Bayleaf -2 pcs
4. Chopped onions -2
5. Chopped Ginger – 11/2 tbsp
6. Chopped Garlic -11/2 tbsp
7. salt to taste
8. Peppercorns – 1/2 tbsp
9. Turmeric fresh – 1/2 inch or powder 1/2 tsp
10. Kalonji / black seeds -1/8 tsp
1. In a pressure cooker add the butter then add the bayleaves.
2. Add the chopped onions fry for a minute , then add ginger and garlic, fry for a few seconds.
3. Add the chopped mixed vegetables . fry for a minute .
4. Add 11/2 glasses of water. Then add the Salt, Pepper and Turmeric.
5. Add the Black seeds .
6. Close the pressure cooker and cook for 10minutes.
7. Separate the soup and veggies using a strainer. Add the strained veggies to a blender and make a puree , add it to the soup and mix well. Adjust seasoning and bring to a boil . serve hot .
No additional thickening agents have been used in this Homemade mixed vegetable soup and there is no wastage as all the veggies have been used up making a wholesome and nutritious and healthy vegetarian soup.
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  1. Thank you for this amazing healthy soup recipe. Need maximum nutrition in these troubled times . Need to build on our immunity . Recipe is simple and easy to cook .

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