Spinach Frittata | Keto Vegetarian Meal | Delicious!!


In a mood for a vegetarian keto meal? Well this Spinach Frittata will hit the spot just nicely!
Another super easy meal that will go well on its own , or as a side dish for carnivores 😉
Spinach is so rich in potassium that its only trumped by banana , so go for it as much as you can.
250g Spinach
Himalayan Salt
8x Eggs
250g Mozzarella
300g Heavy Sour Cream
Dried Parsley
1x Cup Almond Milk
Olive Oil
Cut of the stems from the spinach and boil it in hot water that you sprinkled with some himalayan salt. Boil until it wilts down.
Then drain the water from it.
In a bowl, crack 8 eggs, mix them, add almond milk, mix that, season it with salt, oregano and parsley. Add the heavy cream and whisk
it all together until you get almost custard consistency.
In a ceramic bowl, sprinkle some olive oil and coat it. Spread the spinach on the bottom and cover it with the egg mix.
Put the mozzarella and push it in just a bit with the spatula.
Preheat the owen to 180C and put the bowl in. Cook for around 45 minutes. It will rise quite a lot, but once it cools down it
will level.
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