Epic Rainbow Stuffed Vegetables (dolma) – Vegetarian Meals


Inspired by my Iraqi heritage I cook up a storm in my kitchen. Eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, tomato, yellow and orange baby peppers and onion. All get stuffed. Nothing is spared the coring.
Details about this recipe:

Epic Rainbow Stuffed Vegetables (veggie dolma)

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Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter

Eat Your Art Project
Every week I attempt to create an artistic creation using food. I challenge myself by doing something I have never done before and showing you exactly how it went. Mistakes and mess-ups included. It is not enough that it looks good. It has to taste and smell good as well. Minimum waste of food. Everything I make gets eaten by my family and myself. Food is a diverse and complete experience. The visual and tactile are invited to play. I will let my taste buds and imagination run wild.
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