Bar Refaeli learns to cook Julien Sebbag's signature vegan and vegetarian recipes | Vogue Paris


On a windy day in Paris, Bar Refaeli met French chef Julien Sebbag at his Parisian restaurant Créatures on the Galeries Lafayette rooftop to learn to cook his signature vegan and vegetarian recipes. Together they make a multicolored tomato carpaccio with a homemade pesto and roasted brocolli with a tahini sauce.
Director/ Producer – Nikki Petersen
Director of Photography/ Color Grade- Etienne Baussan
Sound – Axel Guenoun
Lighting Assistants – Vivien Deleuze & Franck Onouviet
Production Assistant – Moussa Sallsao
Hair – Alessandro Rebecchi
Make-up – Marion Robine
Editor – Angeline Fraioli
Editor-in-chief – Jennifer Neyt
Subtitles are available
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  1. I made this at home after watching the video and the food is incredible. Now I have to go to Paris just to try food at this restaurant out <3

  2. Most annoying cooking video ever. The way she talks and the fact that she finds the smell of garlic disgusting shows that probably this is her first time at the kitchen. The guy himself would be totally enough.

  3. That ladies got Angels, & I know that voice for some reason 🙂 Take good care of my little sister Israel! Past 2wks, & in my prayers. She's very kind! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Sure to be a Heaven sent <3

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