3 Vegetarian Holiday Main Dishes


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  1. send over this woman to cook for me, make sure she is gorgeous, and after dinner she will massage my loins and then cuddle with me while i take a nap, and she will never nag me, break my balls, try to change me, and she will pay all the bills.

  2. I've been vegetarian for a few months and I'm so glad I found these amazing recipes for the holidays season

  3. The happy Pear and Avantgardevegan have amazing recipes for stuffed butternut squash…tastys' looked boring

  4. lol you don't have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian meals. If you're having meat in every single meal, you're probably going to die at 50. Eat a fucking vegetarian meal once in a while and your body will thank you.

  5. PSA for fellow vegetarians: make sure you check the label of your puff pastry as many brands put animal fat in it for some dumb reason. i never knew this and was eating non-vegetarian pastry for years and so i was really upset when i found out

  6. Okay this said vegaterian on the title, so if you eat meat I don't care if you watch but please keep the negative comments about vegaterian/ vegans to yourself.

  7. this is shit. I personally hate vegans and most vegetarians but, those recipes are completely disgusting bullshit that should be given to hitler in hell as punishment

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