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From which vegetables can be spiralized to what vegetables make the best pasta, this post is your Spiralizer Beginner’s Guide to understand all things Spiralizer + grab tons of easy veggie spiralizer recipes!
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  1. I thought this video was going to teach how to change the blades and use different veggies with the different veggies. Spirapizing is easy, using the different blades would have been more helpful.

  2. To us British viewers A Zucchini is a Courgette. Bell peppers are just peppers(red yellow or green) beets are just beetroot. I have the Cooks professional spiralizer, i got it new from Ebay from the James group and it cost me £6 that was in march 2020. Using The Spiralizer has got me eating veggies I don't normally consider eating like cougettes, Obergene, and squash and my sweet potato intake has increased 100%, and Broccoli stalks with the florets are the basis of my new favourite meal. Spiralizing has opened up a whole new taste spectrum for me, GET ONE AND LIVE AGAIN.

  3. Love the video! I've never heard of a jicama before. I'm in the UK and looked it up. £12.95 per kg!!!!

  4. The spiralizer is a stroke of genius! A easy fun way to get veggies into your diet! Even makes plain old Ramen noodles into a 5-star gourmet meal, how cool is that?

  5. It took two of us to spiralize sweet potato. I held it down and my husband turned the handle and at times he had to turn the sweet potato by hand. What a pain in the neck. Should it be this difficult, lol. ? I'm looking into an electric spiralizer (do they even make one?? ) Things are never easy for me.

  6. Im going to try this indtead if giving my daughter those maruchan noodles their full of salt i think this will be a great way to sneak vegetables in her diet by telling her were maijgn rainbow spagetti

  7. Very useful video!!!! I recently bought one of these, and this is the best video I found. Saving it for future reference. Thank you :).

  8. Great idea thank you very much. I am gone be committed to your super idea; good for health.

  9. THANK YOU!!!! I bought one that looks just like yours on Amazon and just couldn't figure it out. After destroying several veggies and giving myself a king sized headache, I gave up. Your demonstration was SOOOO helpful. I just cannot thank you enough!!!!

  10. Thanks, bought mine years ago but didn't have much info and bad luck trying it out. Going to wash it and try again. I did remember light salt and draining of zucchini noodles made a better chew on noodles. And the ribbon cutter on cucumber s made great thin slices of cucumber for salads, I just chopped or ripped the strands for easier eating. Thanks! Never used it for fruit, all the doors just opened! Come on Apple season! Oh and I planted a persimmon, fuyo. Going to have to try it. Wonder if Primrose roots would work? Honey glazed and baked into candy?

  11. hi trying to decide which brand to get do you find that only the top part of the blade gets used and duller and thus the bottom part is sharp and never used

  12. I have been carefully coring peppers and I just take the stem off and clean out the pith and seeds leaving a small hole where the stem is; can I do this before spiralizing?

  13. Thank you I have tried several different types from the produce section but the cost is crazy. I have a Mandoline slicer that is great for thin slices but wanted one of these that actually works on lots of different types of fruits and veggies. Thanks for the great video.

  14. Thanks for this information! You are a beautiful lady so please make sure your face is adequately lighted so there are no shadows on your face.

  15. Just happen to have 3 large zucchini in the fridge. Also happen to have a spiralizer in my cupboard i got 2 yrs ago and Never used. So thanks for this.

  16. If you are going to do reviews on things via a video, at least check it before you post it. The light behind you made it virtually impossible to see what you were doing.

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