Vegetarian Airplane Food on Thai Airways ► from Bangkok to Bali


How does vegetarian and vegan airplane food taste like? Today I give you a taste test while traveling from Bangkok to Bali with Thai Airways. The entree is made of tomato sauce with assorted vegetables, such as carrot and zucchini. Potatoes and a countable number of corn grains and peas are also used (haha). For our side dish, we are given white beans on a bed of lettuce. Red jelly with pieces of fruit is dessert. Of course, the expected bread is also served with butter. Watch the video for the full flight experience! 🙂
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Note: This video was filmed in October 2016. I shot many travel vlogs in advance and release them twice a week.
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  1. Must be nice to eat nuts and not have to worry about dying every time you eat unfamiliar food especially in Asian countries like Thailand were peanut is every where…

  2. drinks airplane water when the water tanks are cleaned 4 times a year wAtEr Is tHe HeAlThyst DrInk IN THe aRpLAinE

  3. I've been using your videos to fall asleep recently also I am going to do a summer trip and I will vlog it and do the food miss Mina style <3

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