How to Cook Vegetarian Meals for Kids


How to Cook Vegetarian Meals for Kids – This is the second of easy Vegetarian Meals video series. The focus of this series is to increase awareness on Healthy Food habits with Vegetarian Meals. You will learn various cooking tips for healthy kids snacks and healthy diet meal plans. Enjoy!


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  3. @JimInFlames < Too much oil in the frying pan – oil goes bad above 50 deg Celsius unless you use GMO Canola.
    Some boneless cooked chicken in the roll would be good; baking instead of deep frying is the best way. Avocado dip with spring roll, makes it a whole meal for the kids. Active kids could use more good fat than adults.

  4. @highprotveg hey r u muslim or indian? my mom makes the same thing now i could help! but my mom make it with carrots. whats the name of the oil you put in the beginning?

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