Greek Spinach & Potato Stew: Vegetarian Recipes for Lent


This rustic Greek spinach and potato stew is a must-try. Perfect for Lent and for Meatless Mondays! Follow my step-by-step recipe to recreate this Greek classic at home.
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  1. Always a Great Job! Show us αλάδωτο if you would, or at least the technique where you use tahini to substitute for oil in the tomato-stewed meals (στα γιαχνιστά).

  2. It looks delicious, I’ll have to try it! I made your spanakopita recipe for dinner and it was a hit. One question though: because it produces so much, is there a way to cut the recipe in half? There’s only three of us so it is a lot more than we really need for a normal dinner. Thank you.

  3. I would cut taters smaller, brown in a all amt oil 1st. Cooks faster in the stew. I'm making this ym. I need a leek, that's it. If ppl want meat can always use leftover ckn or canned ckn last min to warm through! Love Greek food. Extra company rinse fave been or any FAV. Toss in.

  4. TY sweet Dimitroula mou! I'll defintely make this. I have collared greens if that's ok for this dish. I would like vegetarian dishes if you could do that.

  5. Omg you are killing it with your veggie recipes, please KEEP THEM COMING! Love the way Greek people make their veggies, tomato based, over rice is my fave!

  6. I absolutely love your channel and subscribed after my initial introduction to your channel! Thank you so much! Cannot wait for your vegetarian dishes!

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