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A home-cooked meal brings warmth to the stomach and to the heart. This bell pepper with besan (chickpea flour) recipe is one that evokes those feelings — a dish that is usually cooked “just at home” and never have we seen it served at a restaurant. The simpleness and the depth of flavor in this dish is not easily forgettable. You can use green bell peppers or try red bell peppers or multi color peppers for a beautiful sight. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life…
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  1. Just made it and it tastes awesome. Gujarati ma kau to "Saras banyu che :D". Thank you so much both of you 🙂

  2. Bahut bahut Dhanyavad Bhen Ji. Also please can you make all of your recipes on DVD so we can purchase them? Namuste Ji, Jai Shri Ram. 🙂

  3. Hello from New York City! 🙂 It's looking very nice dosto. I make this Subzi, but never made it with Basan. Mein Indian Punjabi hu and I really enjoy your shows. You both are looking like models also, you are too beautiful girls. 🙂 Are you both Punjabi? I thought you were Sikh Punjabi. I am Christian Punjabi. I am half Punjabi and half Italian. Please make recipe for Stuffed Shimla Mirch.

  4. a good replacement for gelatine is agar-agar (which I believe derives from some sort of seaweed) – it comes in powder or flakes and you can buy the in health shops. use it in the same way as you would use gelatine powder. its actually better as it starts setting faster than gelatine!

  5. Gelatin is an agent that gels products and foods. It is a product derived from animal skin and bones. Hence it is an animal product.
    Regarding it being veg or non-veg., it is a decision you have to make.
    Having said that, there are vegetarian/vegan gelatin substitutes available in the market.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Hi SMTC,
    I have a suggestion, since your 5th Anniversary is coming up on 6th May, could you redo your video on Varan – Maharashtrian Daal, I want to see what variations you've come up with over the past 5 years!

  7. I m going to try this..i love bell pepper…First recipe i tried from SMTC was tangy paneer…it was really yummy..thax n keep sharing these wonderful recipes..
    Happy Holi…

  8. hi hetal & anuja…..nice recipe…love it :)One more thing I just want to mention you, if you like sweet taste then you can also add jaggery in to it…it tastes really yummy and thanks for sharing this recipe.

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