Veggie-Filled Meal Sends The Quints Into A Full On Meltdown! | OutDaughtered


Adam and Danielle decide that they need to try and include more vegetables in the quints’ diets, so take them out for a meal where they go into a full on meltdown over eating their greens.
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  1. Sometimes vegetable curries can be a way to feed healthy organic vegetables to the children. Try indian food atleast once a week.

  2. how stupid to take them out to eat something that they hate, just to get attention. I would really hate that if I was in same place they were

  3. I love how in the cooking class that girl who didn't like her pancake literally flooded her pancake in cheese, lmao

  4. Amo essa família. Adam sou do Brasil assisto seu vídeos com essas princesa vc poderia colocar legenda de tradução ❤❤❤

  5. I never understood why we basically instill (indirectly in most cases) in children that veggies are yucky and that eating vegetables is this big behavioral milestone to overcome. Why not just treat it like any other food?

  6. Do this at home, forget all the crying in a restaurant where other people are involved just so you will have something to put in your videos.

  7. A good way to get them to eat veg is to buy a veggie curler and mix the vegetables with spaghetti. If they ask what it is tell them that it is coloured spaghettini.

  8. Its not the veggies they are crying about. They are fucking: brats. And why dont you just give them more candy. These kids wont have a tooth in their heads left. Makes sense.

  9. I love Hazel because her glasses are really cute on her I love Parker because she wants to try new things I like Riley because she is Brave and I like Ava and Olivia because they're so cute

  10. Up until this show did you not notice how much empty calories they were feeding those kids.? they should have been fed veggies over chicken nuggets and fires and ketchup. Carrots and green or yellow beans should have been on their trays when they were sitting in their high chairs. They just started off feeding them incorrectly. When you feed kids sweet foods all the times, then you know they are not going to like anything else. Pancakes with chocolate chips ans syrup, why would you eat veggies if you could fill your stomach with this garbage ?

  11. When I we little i also hated vegetables but when you try them you might like them like me . You've got to try them at some point in your life

  12. I remember parker same smart just like riley… But why she falling behind? I think she need prifat activity… Art and sport

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