4 Pasta Recipes | Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes


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  1. I’ve
    watched hundreds of tutorials online, but nothing beats this this simple, clear
    –to-the-cut video here: @t

  2. First the pasta must be boiling before you put the salt and the pasta. Cook al dente not until soft!
    Never put oil in the pasta water. Please use mozzarella or Parmesan not processed cheese! Fry the chilly and the other spices.

  3. All of these types of video seem to have a professional cleaner employed, i love cooking and I can tell you that most people who do this their kitchen is in a right state. 5/10 unrealistic.

    Also the gear costs a ton, you must have this £599 saucepan to sauté chicken or do not attempt. (Not this, just frustrated).

  4. The 3rd recipe is sooo delicious! I totally recommend it as it;s full of flavour and it's just throwing all the ingredients in a pan.

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