How to Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals


How To Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals – This is an inroductory video for awareness on how different nutritional needs can be met for vegetarians. You will see a quick and easy healthy vegetarian recipe using herbs. Stay tuned for videos on How to Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals for Kids in coming weeks. Enjoy


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  1. Hello HPV, I have trouble making my chick peas. Can you tell me how do you soak and cook your chick peas? thank you , have a good day.

  2. you don't need to think of things in the sense of protein. you need to think in terms of amino acids. everything has "protein". protein is just chains of aminos. a banana has around 1-1.5g "protein", etc. the protein you take from eating something like chicken is just digesting the chicken to break down the amino strands and then your body rebuilds the aminos to the chains you need. you do not need beans to have protein. peas, hemp hearts, spirulina, etc. are all very high in "protein".

  3. I am confused … the only thing that had any significant amount of protein in this … creation, was the yogurt … which you didn't make. I don't mean to nit-pick here but nothing was actually cooked here either, and chutney isn't really a … meal. So about the only accurate words in the title are "How to" … and "Vegetarian". With that being said, besides the miss leading title, … you were great.

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  11. thank you for this. That mix you made seems like it would be amazing. Going to the store now to buy the proper ingredients!

  12. kidney beans only have 8g of protein/100g red lentils and chickpeas only 6g of protein/100g which is very little protein. nuts are good but i cannot think of any meals that i can cook with them

  13. i made this in my own home and this is amazing i love this thank u for the vary informative video.

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