Vegetarian food, protein and b12


Day 3 of the Nutrition week series 1 – 7 Sep.


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  1. Hi maim your look very nice and beautiful
    Mujhe wait kam karni hai mujhe dite or exocaiz bataye but meri ooretion se baby hui hai abhi wo 5 month ki hui hai

  2. Mam, what about those who want to loose weight and struggle for even 50-55 gm of protein as vegetarian… Can you help with that

  3. Hi Rujuta , dairy is being proved to be harmful for us.
    I got my body type tested and milk,poultry and wheat etc dont agree with my body.
    What's your take on it as we are eating our normal food which gives inflammation to my body.

  4. There is very less source of vitamin B12 in vegetarian food.
    That's the reality. And B12 is a very important vitamin.
    Get it checked and in case of deficiency take B12 injection.

  5. Hello Rujutaji, I m a big fan of yours. I love watching n following all your videos. Just one thing I need to clarify.

    When you say follow your local n seasonal food, how do NRIs follow? According to Indian local or Foreign country?

    Please please please clarify.

    Love from Singapore.

  6. Madam ADHD aur autism k liye .. diet tips and plan dijye please . My 4 year old is suffering with adhd we are confused what to make him eat and wat not .. Il b grateful to you all my life madam

  7. Mam, if u have any subscription for weight loss of urs, pls suggest mam. I ready to join ur link mam pls reply

  8. My grandmother/parents didn't teach me anything about cooking. I stay away from my family and have little knowledge of what they eat :'(

  9. I don't have grand ma. Please tell me how to use spices and what to eat.

  10. I live in Germany currently but I am from Maharashtra do you think I should switch to local food here(which is meat mostly and I don’t like it that much) or continue cooking and eating Maharashtrian meals?

  11. Blind faith on any kind of advice, is bad. Whether it be downloaded from internet or watched on YouTube or handed over by dadi-nani.

  12. Mam chamanprash jo aap ne milke me lene ke liya kaha he but wo to amla pulp se banta he so its gud for milk nd amla combination?? Plz ans mam…

  13. Mam I have a question and I request you to please answer this

    Ppl keep frozen mangoes throughout the year and have it even when it is not the season to have them

    Is it good for health or not??

  14. Maam we are staying in kuwait you told 100kms around grown food is good for us but in our case what is good fruit or food? Pl advice

  15. Hi Dear Rujuta:) The day I started your meal plans I am so happy and losing weight also.
    I used to like pure North Indian meals but weight issue k wajah se nai kha pati thi.
    Ab dil khol k ghee rice daal aur dher sari naani daadi ki dishes kha rahi hoon and I am healthy also.
    Love you loads:)

  16. World ke best wrestler haryana ke Jaat vegetarian Hain..ghee dudh kha lo vegetarian khana is best..moreover in Roman world Gladiators bhi vegetarian the

  17. Dal and milk item either curd or paner at a time creating heavyness and gas for me plz mam tell what should i have to do for this

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