BATCH COOKING: 3 Vegetarian Meals | VLUNE #10


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  1. Plastic zip lock bags gallon or quart size for stuff in the freezer. You won’t have wasted space which also leads to freezer burn. It will form fit the bag. More will fit in freezer. It has to be disposable for food safety. It is a risk to clean the bag and reuse.

  2. It really isn’t complicated. You put the trash into the appropriate container for disposal. I’m in my forties. Paper was disaster at the store. Items going through the bottom. We would walk home when little with mom and it was hard when all the things she bought ended up in the sidewalk. Plastic bags were life changing. Also less trash, paper is bulky. Which was good cause our house as a child was 1/3 the size of mine and had more people living there. Plastic bags had more uses. I use canvas mostly cause you can fit 2-3 times more in the bags and it saves on trips into the house from the car. Its practical. It’s a shame the plastic bags here can’t go into the bins that are collected weekly in front of the house. They can only be taken to the store and sometimes they are over full. And right by the entrance might be blown down the road. For the first ten years of recycling there was never so much rubbish blown all over our lawn on trash day. It’s why people hated to recycle. There used to be open bins and quite small. Windy, rain, snow.. once they put a lid on it and made it closer to the size of the regular trash toter it was much better. Maybe 4 times a year does something fly out of the thing. If people presented these ideas practically instead of being alarmists there would be more people doing those sorts of things. I’m sad you had to explain the carrot packaging to your audience. Generational thing but what I don’t understand about those younger than me is why if there is such worry over oil do they travel all the time especially by plane? They are designing neighborhoods where more than half kids of elementary school age are over two miles away from the school and need car or bus as well. And the is no regular public bus service in these areas. They are also more likely to own cars for every person over the age of 16 living in the home and boats and jet ski, etc.. With all the technology you’d think less people would need to go to the office. You have a nice channel. Enjoying the shopping, cooking, holiday, house transformation..

  3. oh my word, i have ALWAYS felt this way about crumpets, always felt like they taste and feel very sweaty and that freaks me out but no one understand what i mean as i have never known anyone else to ever dislike them haha, i have also finally got internet back so i'm watching where i last left off and catching up and loving having so much to watch x

  4. I love how you guys live. I love all the healthy ways and natural things you buy. You are so inspiring and i admire you! I wish i wasnt such a fussy eater so could make more recipes and do some more cooking like this :/

  5. Love your videos, I have been watching since you worked at Lush and did vlogging on the side!
    What is the recipe for your vegetable sauce, you used to give it to Delilah with pasta all the time? 🙂 x

  6. I freeze my meals such as veggie bolognaise in zip lock bags as I have a small freezer. I know you try not to use plastic but perhaps there is another alternative:). Edit – you can use that reusable bags that you started your stash for broth!

  7. My moms been bottling food for years, and it lasts a long time in the fridge. I know there’s different ways to sterilize, but she sterilizes the mason jars and lids with hot water.

    Idk where I’ve been the month of vlune, but I’m catching up

  8. OMG! I just made the Katsu Chicken, almost inhaled by the family! Absolutely delicious, @RhiannonAshlee

  9. For storage pyrex or ikea glass storage containers are good because then you can put them from freezer/defrosted to oven without needing to put them in a different container. They are much heavier than plastic ones but I use them because I find plastic takes on the colour and smell of whatever you put in it so they never really go clean again, so I prefer them 🙂

  10. love batch cooking! so healthy! but are you not concerned about the health risks posed by Douglas' vaping?

  11. Love watching you cook….it's relaxing and makes you feel healthy….lol….love you girl….also love daddy and daughter time….wonderful parents

  12. Lovely cooking session! The tortilla soup with beans looks nice, but it's a really liberal take on the original recipe. I think you'd love Mexican tortilla soup: it has dried chillies, tomato, onion, garlic and you can garnish it with avocado, coriander, crispy corn tortillas and lemon ❤️

  13. Does anyone know where are her shoes are from that she wears for her spin cycle class? They look really cool!

  14. This video made me so hungry! LOL! Going to try oat milk because I noticed you’ve been drinking it a lot and had seen some recipes that use it in the ingredients. I heard it goes great with coffee, but have you tried it with tea? Black tea, specifically?

  15. god, I get anxiety watching you cut the veggies like that, make your hand into a claw so you don't chop off a finger! lol

  16. I got a big cast iron pot 6 months ago for my birthday, and never used it. Until today! You inspired me to use it and to make a vegetable curry, using whatever i had in the fridge and pantry. It tasted amazingly good! Thanks!

  17. Social media is wild because I came here to watch Rhiannon cook and instead stumbled upon a debate in the comments about when, and indeed if, she ever showers?!

  18. What I love doing for batch cooking sometimes is making a big pot of something at the beginning of the week that I can easily incorporate into many dishes/add other ingredients to it to create a whole new dish! Makes my life super easy when I'm on the go while still being able to enjoy a bit of a variety 🙂

  19. For soup the easiest way to store and freeze it is by using reusable zip lock style bags you have, put it in it and lay it flat so it turns into a little slab! Then if you do multiple portions you can just break the slab in half! Saves space in the freezer too and it’s great for other things like mash and the curry! ☺️

  20. Blimey, I've just been reading these comments which I dont usually do because I just like to enjoy the vlogs which I do and this one was no exception. So as an older women I'm shocked how nasty some people are. For goodness sake girls just enjoy this lovely batch cooking vlog and stop focusing on showering!! Remember that some folk who dont have running water in third world countries would be shocked at how much water we waste on so called water sweatening our bodies when they dont have enough for drinking. Its a lovely vlog im looking forward to trying the recipes you do a great job and youre a lovely family. Wish you were my grandaughter id be proud. Xx

  21. wait, you did all this in just one day?? how long are the hours in your day? AND spinning class. you ace! I've got a question about your freezing system. I see you use mostly tupperware (or glass jars but those I know can go in the microwave). How do you do to defrost the food in tupperwares? pop them too in the microwave to melt/heat it just before eating? or leave them a few hours outside the freezer? is there microwave safe tupperware and I'm not aware of it?! I usually use ceramic or glass dishes and similar to keep food in the freezer, that afterwards can easily go in the microwave, but they are quite a pain, take up too much space, are heavy, etc. Thank you!

  22. That was a mammoth cooking session, well done you! Not sure if you live near a home bargains they have good Tupperware and so cheap for in and out of the freezer xxxxx

  23. Those little reusable bags (that had the ice cubes of herbs and stuff) look really great for freezing, do you have a link for those?

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