What I Eat In A Day | QUICK & HEALTHY Vegetarian Meals Ideas!


Here is what I eat in a day w/ quick vegetarian meal ideas! ENJOY! 🙂
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  1. Thumbnail
    Ladies if you have to put one of your feet up then you don't have a fat ass/ nice butt/ booty

  2. Just make it in a casserole dish and cut into squares. Easier and quicker.

  3. The first meal with eggs isnt vegetarian. I mean eggs aren't vegetarian. Im a vegetarian since birth and everybody I know here considers egg to be non-vegetarian. Nonetheless, great recipes!! 🙂

  4. Not to be that weirdo but you are honestly my dream girl :/ as far as looks and personality.

  5. THANK YOU so much aghhh I never find any vegetarian inspo on youtube and I will definitely be trying the pasta (it looks sho good) x

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