WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! – Vegetarian + Healthy


Thanks for watching!!! I hope you like my everyday healthy vegetarian meals! Turn on my notifications so you know when I upload 🙂
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-Path of Life All Natural Mediterranean Quinoa
-Campbell’s thai curry chicken sauce (this doesn’t have meat in it)
-Amazing grass Watermelon Green SuperFood powder
-Harvest Snaps Mango Chili Lime Black Bean Snaps
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  1. That is really healthy! I eat a salad once a day at most… usually more like once every 3 days.

  2. yoooo, I tried the second salad you made and this shit is delicious. I couldn't find the cambells sauce packet but used another yello curry brand and added quesco fresco. This is sooo good and no on my list of regular meals. I hope to try the first salad and smoothie next 🙂

    srsly!!! Friggin good.!!

  3. What a life take cares of beauty but doesn't have a good pleasures to eat some good foods you may eat meat all times but always with a balanced and not only with cosmetic and artificials tgings makes beauty but infact with working exercising also can make life better than dominating your food consumption

  4. wow, this is the first "what I eat in a day" where the person isn't like "here are my 3 tablespoons of food teehee!"

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