WHAT I EAT IN A DAY│Vegetarian Meals


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  1. Hey I just subscribed to it channel and I absolutely love ur workouts. I just have a question tho. Do u have to lose weight first in order to get a slimmer waist then build the lower body or does it not matter?

  2. I love how your videos are straight to the point no 2 minutes intro of you trying to be quirky funny or some shit I appreciate that. Keep em coming

  3. What can you advice if I want to loose weight and gain a booty only and what supplement do you recommend I drink if this is my plan on loosing weight and only gaining a booty I really need your help on that

  4. I love the teami blend green powder. I just started taking it a week or two ago with only water or in a smoothie. It’s a great way to get in your veggies and it helps give me energy during my work day also helps with a bowel movement! Taste terrible tho

  5. You look amazing keep up the helpful videos i eat dates on the regular i replace them for bananas with my smoothie they're way better to me

  6. Can you mix that green powder with water ? Like does it taste decent

  7. Love the combo of almond milk + peanut butter + banana. (could see myself exchange peanut butter for almond butter).

    Thanks for the video & enjoy your weekend!

  8. Lmaooo you just went straight into it!!! I was expecting an intro but I hella appreciate you just getting down to business

  9. Just a tip:for me almond Butter tastes wayyy better in smoothies and in general! The taste is not too strong and it just makes the smoothie a bit more sweet and creamy

  10. Are you still making gains while eating plant based? I want to try it but I'm already small idk if I would gain weight

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