One Meal a Day (OMAD) Meal – Vegetarian


Here is a one-meal-a-day vegetarian meal. With the raw vegan and vegetarian influences growing (I believe as a result of a more expanded global consciousness), it is high time to discuss some vegetarian alternatives!
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  1. “Natural sugars” are metabolized because of the fiber in the fruit. If you’re trying to manage your diabetes with OMAD or vegetarianism, focus on vegetables. They offer equally beneficial antioxidants and minerals with more fiber and a variety of macros.

  2. It looks great, but he may be saying it's vegetarian and not vegan based on the ingredients in the bread.

  3. I could hardly eat more then 850-950 calories in one meal… i suppose my stomach is shrinking… and I feel stuffed.

  4. I am a vegan on OMAD. Now it's my 7th day. Feel great. Surprising there are so many calories in things. I must have eaten an unbelievable amount of calories previous to OMAD….My goodness!!!

  5. Thank you for your videos, I'm following you but i'm really fighting with hunger.
    In a previous video you teach the "one everage plate" rule but in this one I see three plates. Could you help me in this topic? I'm a little bit confused.

  6. VEGAN, not vegetarian. Whole foods, plant-based is what is optimally healthy. Cut out the animal products, including meat, dairy and eggs altogether, and watch your health transform. Also, veganism the ethical choice, for the animals, and for saving the planet from climate change and from other forms of destruction.

  7. Coming from a junk food type a lifestyle ( at least I’m honest about this ) .. but does fitness considerably , this is all new . At least I can visually see a meal and it’s food types .. I’m already happy to eat rice , but not tried spinach as such within a meal , the accompanying fruits bananas and the odd apple I am happy to try .i will have to get a basic list to try a meal , I think the foodstuffs are key to this ….dropping a few lbs here and there .. but nothing in life is easy .. I guess

  8. Today is day two of OMAD and I like this so far- my brain during the day is fog-free, sharper and my irritable bowel is way, way more in control. I also slept better last night…hoping that continues. I found your channel last year and finally took the leap yesterday. I've been vegetarian/mostly-vegan for almost 2 years now.

  9. So glad you made this video! I'm vegan and have had great success with OMAD. It's great because vegetables and low glycemic fruits are very low in calories, and you get to eat so much while staying low cal and healthy. Vegan protein sources are also quite nutrient dense, like black beans, chickpeas, etc. So you get really big meals and can stay low sugar and low calorie. Excellent!

  10. on omad less or no meat means better digestion I have found. My only issue with omad has was constipation. I mainly do vegan omad and that sorted it.

  11. HAVE A QUESTION……OMAD is for 24 hours.       Could OMAD be for every 18 , or 20 hours., and eating time is scheduled  out every 18 hours from one meal to another ????

  12. I went vegan in 2006 but I'm overweight due to my love of beer and not doing enough exercise. I started omad on Sunday so I'm only on day 3. I've also quit the beer and am about to start cycling now the weather is improving. Here's the thing though, I work with food, I create food for others to eat and I'm researching recipes etc continuously for my business. How am I going to cope if I'm a foodie with a foodie business? I guess its going to be double hard for me and that's that but I'm sure my vegan diet will help once I'm past the first few weeks.

  13. I'm on board. I've been doing this for one week today. Thanks for your videos.

    Question: I've read studies that associate weight loss with increasing production of pro-appetite hormones–one of the reasons some scientists believe weight loss is so hard for so many and gets harder with more weight loss. Since you've been doing OMAD for a long time, what was your experience with changing hunger levels as you progressed with the diet and lost more weight? Thanks!

  14. I'll never be a vegetarian at least I don't think so but I am cutting back on red meats especially… btw, I really enjoy your videos and enjoy listening to you,- you make a lot of sense. I'm fighting my own war with obesity, right now my scale is at 446.7 pounds

  15. I've tried so many ways of eating, just to prevent myself from becoming like so many 40-50-somethings around me. Having done the OMAD veggie/vegan for several days now, I'm blown away by my increase in energy and that I don't feel hungry during the day either. Three litres of spring water as a meal replacement, works like a dream too. Thanks for your info and integrity.

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