7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners


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  2. I've been going in order, making a recipe everyday until I reach the end. Just finished prepping the vegetarian pizza! Me and the s/o are excited to try it out tonight! Everything else has been great so far and will be even better the second go around! (Accidentally cut the curved ends of the sliced bell pepper. Lesson learned for next time! I want that circular look!)

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  4. I love this!!!!!! I have found many alternatives to keep mi diet without falling into my pizza or taco cravings <3

  5. Please heading is veggie… But u showed egg which doesn't come under vegetarian… Please don't hurt our sentiments

  6. I honestly feel like my parents think I’m watching porn every time I finish a tasty video

  7. I like all of these. I will try all. Can you please tell that how many people serve are there of every dish? B very thankful to you.

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