I Get Paid To Meal Prep Vegetarian Food For A Meat-Lover


Today Erica has been given the challenge of meal prepping vegetarian food for a couple where one likes veggie-centric dishes and the other enjoys meatier plates — so what recipes will Erica come up with?
More about Erica’s e-book: https://fresherica.com/product/fresh-erica-meal-prep-e-book (available for pre-order now, out Jan 2020)
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Erica Adler


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  1. How does Erica keep track of what ingredients are at each house? There will certainly be leftover spices, soy sauce, vinegar, olive oil and salt from today's meal prep!

  2. Why cant she just cook all these at her home and deliver it to them? Idk bout you but im not comfortable cooking at someone’s kitchen esp not having the familiarity of where tools are and not using my own tools.

  3. Hello Erica I stumbled across your video and I thought it was great. I live in Michigan and I am interested in starting a meal prep business. Can you give me some pointers?

  4. Tofu is cr@p. Soy should not be eaten unless it's fermented. Asians don't eat tofu because they understand this. Only in times of famine was it eaten without fermentation.

  5. I never think tofu and tempe as a meat replacement. They are diffrent, and taste diffrent. Tofu and tempe have their own charms, and i love it as much i love meat.

    But maybe we just have diffrent culture.

  6. what the hell is wrong with America? meat eaters only eat meats? sometimes i only eat vegetables and sometimes i mix meat with them

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